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ABOUT KRISTINOwner & Founder of K.O. Floral

Hi! I am Kristin of K.O. Floral Designs! Most think "K.O." stands for "Knock Out" which I LOVE but originally it simply stands for my maiden name initials :)

Way back in 2006 or so I started taking floral designs classes at a local junior college in San Diego as a creative outlet to balance out my day job-- a buyer for an Aerospace company! After taking just a few evening design courses, an old room mate of mine asked me to do her wedding flowers for her and her huge bridal party and BAM--My life as a florist truly started to take shape! My sister and brother-in-law soon thereafter gifted me my own website and K.O. Floral Designs was born. Without this gift of encouragement, who knows if I ever would have continued to play with flowers!

I worked in Aerospace for almost a decade then transitioned to being a full-blown yoga teacher, both while doing weddings as a side gig that I loved. Pre-covid I averaged 20 weddings a year; during 2019-2021 I did about 10 weddings TOTAL and in 2022 I did, get this-- SIXTY weddings-- with the help of my amazing team!!!

I LOVE what I get to do-- meet AMAZING people (aka: YOU!!), be creative, play with flowers, work with incredible vendors, be my own boss, and overall I truly get to do the job of my dreams! I love working with you to come up with an overall aesthetic that is unique to you and your celebration (thus, I do not offer "packages" as literally no two weddings are at all alike!).

I love being such a FUN part of your planning process! With my expertise and over a decade (almost 2!) of experience, I am here to help you create a beautiful day from start to finish.

My favorite part of the day is presenting you with your bouquet-- I am a small, woman-owned business and I take great pride and joy in all that I do to help make your day even more beautiful!